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  • It’s fantastic. A great idea, the quality is here. I really enjoyed playing here with the HSBC Wee Wonders.

    (on our 5th hole ‘Open Championship’)
    “I know the Postage Stamp at Royal Troon very well, and I can see what they’re trying to do here. It’s superb.”

    - COLIN MONTGOMERIE, October 2006
  • There is a driving range and an area to practice your short game so good that it has to be seen to be believed.
    Sometimes you come across an idea so brilliant, you wonder why nobody has tried it before

  • New? This is unique. It’s innovative, it’s brilliant and a ton of other favourable adjectives besides.

  • (before we became a 9-hole course): “You could call it the Joy of Six: the chance to feel what it is like to play six of the best holes in golf in an hour. If you fancied finding out what it is like to play out of the Road Hole bunker at St Andrews, you could try that too, because it has been incorporated into the short-game practice area”

  • Something miraculous has been built in the shadow of the Wembley arch, something that is going to bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.

  • A gem that recreates golf’s most famous holes. It’s a surreal experience, playing the 12th at Augusta with the new Wembley Stadium looking in the distance, but it’s an experience that serves London’s ‘time is money’ market suitably.

  • From the very first hole, you realise that this is a unique attraction. Some of the world’s greatest holes – and no need to hop on a plane. And this is no cheap imitation. With tournament-quality greens, manicured fairways and tees, and authentic sand and grasses on each hole, this is the closest thing to actually visiting and playing those courses.