More reasons to love golf

By 28th June 2018 OFFERS


1. Naturally good for you.

All day exposure to the good life. Greenery, fresh air and
sunlight, what’s not to like? Being outdoors relaxes the
body, reduces stress and can help alleviate anxiety.

It’s also good for your heart, keeping cholesterol levels
low and burning calories.

2. Low-risk injury sport.

But don’t worry! While the physical activity keeps the
muscles engaged, golf is still a sport centred around
strategy, coordination and accuracy. Which means
injuries are less frequent.

3. Sleep tight.

It’s said that golfers find sleep easy to come by and are
able to remain in a deep sleep for longer periods of time.
Which helps your cells regenerate and repairs muscle

Maybe that’s why your golf partner tends to miss your
early tee time bookings on a Sunday? They’re probably
busy ensuring their body is on point for your match.

4. Good for your social life.

Golf is a great way to keep in touch with friends, meet
new people and help build a community.

There’s plenty of time for talking to each other or closing
a business deal or two. Even if your golf partner might
sleep in and miss your 6 am tee time.

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